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Protein Crystallization Platform

Platform Equipment

The protein crystallization platform has highly spezialized equipment for setting up crystallization experiments with a minimum amount of protein and for storing and monitoring the crystallization trials at several temperatures. Over 200 reagent stock solutions and in-house screens guarantee flexibility and reproducibility.

ArtRobbins Phoenix RE nano-liter crystallization robot

The ArtRobbins Phoenix RigakuEdition is a highly specialized robot for setting up crystallization experiments in 96-well plates. The 96-syringe-head is equipped with flexible needles and can dispense from 100 nano-liters to 100 micro-liters. The non-contact nano dispenser has a lower limit of 50 nanoliters and can handle solutions containing detergent. The Phoenix dispenses protein and screen to the small wells of a 96-well crystallization plate in less than 50 seconds.

Rigaku Minstrel HT imaging system and two Gallery 700 incubators

Up to 1000 standard SBS-type crystallization plates can be stored in two Rigaku Gallery 700 incubators, each operating at a different temperature. Both incubators are connected to the Minstrel HT high-throughput imaging system. It can visualize hanging and sitting drop experiments with high-resolution quality at storage temperature. The image data is captured in CrystalTrak and linked to the respective crystallization conditions. The unattended image acquisition with the Minstrel HT provides an objective history of the crystallization experiment.

PerkinElmerJanus 4-channel liquid handling robot

The PerkinElmer Janus pipetting robot is a robust and reliable 4-channel liquid handling robot with a flexible deck layout. It is used to compose crystallization screens from over 200 stock solutions. Moreover, it allows to refine promising crystallization conditions by creating optimized follow-up screens.

Formulatrix MUVIS UV microscope

With the Formulatrix MUVIS UV microscope, it is possible to detect the UV fluorescence of tryptophan residues in a protein crystal. This allows to distinguish protein crystals from salt crystals at a very early stage in a crystallization project.

ArtRobbins Gryphon LCP crystallization robot

The ArtRobbins Gryphon LCP crystallization robot is a highly specialized robot for setting up crystallization experiments for membrane proteins in lipidic cubic phase technique. Moreover, with its water-backed pressure system it allows pipetting of highly viscous solutions at nano-liter scale.